Earth Day Rain Cloud

Hi there! Yesterday, April 22nd, was Earth Day! At my school we decided to turn the month of April into Earth Month. My students and I have been watching lots of little videos on the importance of recycling, the precious gift of water, and on ways to avoid over consumption of electricity and goods.

I wanted to share with you guys a beautiful craft we did after we talked about the importance of water. Every child cut out their own water drop and roll out why they thought water was important. Then we put it all together hanging from a beautiful raincloud and hung it in one of the windows in the classroom. Love it!

Writing on the importance of water: for drinking
for plants, for animals, washing, they found so many!

Looks great in our window!
A close-up on some water drops


DIY Polka Dot Wall

Hi there! I just finished my polka dot wall in my craft room and it's GORGEOUS!! I found this very sweet blog post that walked me through it. It took a total of about 2 hours. and the cost was under $30. It was pretty easy. I bought a 2 inch hole punch as well as 5 sheets (about $2 each) of vinyl decal paper and made about 120 dots. I used a laser level to make sure they were all lined up. That level was the most helpful tool ever, along with a pencil, eraser and ruler.

Getting there!
Matches my sweet golden accessories!


DIY Watercolour Easter Bunny Card

I hope you're all enjoying your Easter morning with your loved ones. I got up early this morning to get creative in my new craft room! I picked up some beautiful Washi tape yesterday at Michaels and it inspired me to make some Easter cards for my family. I even ended up taking out my watercolour pencils to re-create the pattern on a bunny cutout... and WOW! I'm so happy with the results!
⚘ cardtock
⚘ Washi tape
⚘ watercolour pencils and paintbrush
⚘ fine black marker
⚘ glue and scissors

Washi tape really adds a lot to a card!
I traced a bunch of bunnies with a template I made.
Watercolour pencils are way easier to use than the tube stuff!
Watercolour bunnies!
VoilĂ ! Happy Easter!

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Pop-up Easter Egg Card

More Easter Crafts! the kids enjoyed making these so much. It went along with our unit on writing and reading instructions for French class AND the kids got to make a sweet Easter card for their parents. Some of them even added their origami bunnies inside (link here).

 If you want to make your own, you can find the templates and instructions here in French, but there are sweet images to guide my anglophone friends. Happy crafting and Happy Easter!

All so different and amazing!
With a little origami bunny inside!

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Easter Bunny Origami

Hi again! Check out more of our Easter crafts! We did this fun origami bunny and the kids loved it! They wanted to do a whole bunch each.
We are studying how to write instructions right now in French class, so we've been reading recipes and craft instructions. We can't make food at school, but we can definitely craft, so the kids are loving the mixture of crafts and reading in French class lately. Check out this link here for the instructions. However, I ended up translating them in French for my students,  Happy crafting!

Love them!!!!
Click for instructions


Easy Easter Popsicle Stick Cross

Hi there! It's Good Friday to day, and I'm having a great time relaxing at home. What a perfect time to catch up on my blog. This week we talked a lot about Easter at school, especially since I teach at a catholic school. The whole school made little crosses, but our were especially adorable! We had talked a lot about Spring and how life reapears after a long winter. We also had some great discussions on the strenght of peace, love and joy in our lives, All off this came out with this super easy-peasy craft! Check it out!

          ⏩ Popsicle sticks
          ⏩ Glue
          ⏩ Yarn
          ⏩ Markers
          ⏩ Fine black marker

All so different and adorable!
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Kitchen Printables

Hi there! I've been so busy lately that I haven't posted much! March was crazy! We spent a week and Italy, then packed up and moved into a bigger home. It's coming along quite nicely, and thought I would share some fun prints we found for our kitchen. They are so "punny"! I found them on The Cottage Market website and the best part is that they're FREE! We framed them with inexpensive Ikea frames and they turned out great.. and around $25!

Here are the printables if you want your own set!

Love them so much! And looks great in grey ikea frames.