What a Ride Card

Hey guys! I had a fun morning making this card for a good friend of mine. She has a special day today so I decided to make her a card full of love! I'm sure getting value out of this heart punch!
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 ❥ cardstock
 ❥ scraps of patterned paper
 ❥ heart punch
 ❥ thin black marker
 ❥ printer

I started by printing the words "What a ride" on my cardstock.
I used the font "Emily the brush"
Then I drew a tiny bicycle!
The start.... 
Then I punched out a bunch of tiny hearts!
I glued them down and drew little strings to transform them into balloons!


Heart Confetti Card

Hi there!

Yesterday, i made a secret card for my amazing boyfriend, as we celebrate our six months together. He's makes my heart so full that I had to make him a card full of hearts!! I also got to try out my new heart punch! Awesome!

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I used my heart punches! The larger one was about 5$
at my craft store. The smaller one is from the dollar store.

So many hearts!


Watercolor Logo DIY

Hi there! I've recently given my blog a little bit of a facelift thanks to the help of my boyfriend. He did some coding magic and I searched the internet for ideas for my new logo. I really love this watercolour trend that's happening on the web and all these pretty cursive brush fonts!

Look at the transformation!

It's beautiful!!! Fresh, simple and oh so cute!

 My 5 year old logo.... very "busy"!


Sock snowmen!

Hi there!

Look at these adorable snowmen we made at work today! My colleagues do this every year and the kids went bananas for them! So cute. I found this tutorial on youtube. We used rice only on the bottom and then added a bunch of stuffing to make them nice and plush!


Christmas Tree Collage Card

Hi again! Thought I would share the fun project we'll be doing this week in class: some beautiful Christmas Tree cards made from a collage of torn paper. This are a little tricky to do, so the not-so-artistic students can do a simpler collage tree I kept from last year. For this project you'll need as many shades of green paper you can find!

  ☆ carstock (for the card)
 ☆  scraps of green paper
 ☆   white and brown paper
 ☆  glue & scissors
 ☆  ruler
 ☆  accent stars

1. Start by tearing thin strips of green paper and gluing them onto a sheet of green construction paper.

2. Trace 2 different sized triangles with a ruler and cut them out.
3. Tear a "mountain" of snow in the white paper and glue it onto your card.
4. Place your triangle trees where you like.
5. Finish with rectangular tree trunks and accent stars!


Easy Snowman Cards!

Hi there! I hope you're having fun getting ready for the holidays! I woke up this morning, turned on the lights to my Christmas tree and thought "I feel like making little cards for my adorable students"! So I got my Pinterest and my bin of scrap paper and whipped up these little Snowman cards! They were so easy and fun to do... I made 22 of them!

❄ coloured cardstock
❄ shiny or accent paper
❄ glue
❄ scissors
❄ thin black marker
❄ white pencil

I cut a bunch of those white shapes and added a few simple details!

All done!


Zippered Cushion Covers

Hi there! I'm starting to get ready to go back to my classroom and decide to start by added pillows to my reading corner! The best part are the zippers I've added because it makes them so easy to remove and wash! My new ones have giant broccolis/trees and will be a great addition to the other ones!

Wanna make your own? Here's an easy tutorial I found online!
Getting my fabric ready!
Giant broccoli or trees from ikea!