Zippered Cushion Covers

Hi there! I'm starting to get ready to go back to my classroom and decide to start by added pillows to my reading corner! The best part are the zippers I've added because it makes them so easy to remove and wash! My new ones have giant broccolis/trees and will be a great addition to the other ones!

Wanna make your own? Here's an easy tutorial I found online!
Getting my fabric ready!
Giant broccoli or trees from ikea!

Easy Kid's Craft Apron

Hi there! I've wanted to sew some little projects for a while. Summer vacation is a perfect time to get my craft on! I recently made this adorable whale apron and found an easy to use pattern and even instructions on this neat blog! Check it out! You don't need much fabric, had about half a meter of each colour! So easy and looks gorgeous!

♥ 0.5 m of two different cotton fabrics
♥ ribbon
♥ coordinating thread
♥ metal rectangle slider (for neck strap)

Looks adorable with her new apron!
Some serious sewing is in order!

Little Plush Monster

I've been having lots of fun sewing this summer! Another sewing project was for my friend's baby! I knew I was meeting him for the first time, so I wanted to make him a little gift. My friend loves handmade goodies, so I knew the monster would be perfect! Check out the instructions on a past post here!

He loves his little monster! Awwww
Made a little apron for her little girl! Check it out here!


End of Year Bookmarks!

Hey guys! Another school year just ended for me. I always get a little sad when I have to say my goodbyes to my little kiddos, but you know what? I'm so grateful to have been part of their lives and trusted with their education. So I always like to show my gratitude by making them a little gift, and hopefully they get a little sense of how much it meant to me being their teacher!
I erased all of their names for my post, but they all found each other, and thought it looked like themselves!


Silly Father's Day Cards

It's father's day! What better way to say "I'm thinking of you" than to make a card. One year, I bought one, and my dad looked sad! Lesson learned, every one I care about will always get a card made with love from now on.... :)

I made a silly card for my dad this year because he has the best dad jokes ever. I found the idea here and added my own personal touch. If you're a font lover like me, you can find the one I used here.

I thought I'd also include my hamburger cards, since I made them with my grade 4s this week and they LOVED it! 

The hamburger cards are always a hit!

Happy Sunday everyone, expecially the dads out there! xo


DIY upholstered headboard

Hi again! This winter, I made an awesome  project for my bedroom: an easy and inexpensive headboard! I forgot to post it so here it is. I had to shop in a couple stores (the lumber was an interesting adventure) but I love the finished result - and it cost just under 100$ !

✂ Plywood (64'' x30'' for a queen)
✂ Thick 2" foam
✂ Batting
✂ Durable Fabric
✂ Staple gun and staples
✂ Mounting brackets (kit with wire)

I followed the instructions here 

Got my wood, foam, batting and fabric all ready to go!

Had an extra pair of hands helping me out! Thanks Philippe!

Things got a little silly with the excess materials...

Even dogs love this headboard!


DIY ukulele bag

Hi there! I had a pretty creative afternoon, seeing up a storm! I signed up for a ukulele lesson this Saturday because I've had this instrument lying around and my living room for months. The only problem is that I have nothing to carry my ukulele with to the music studio! My budget is a little tight these days so I decided to whip up my own! I found a picture on Pinterest and just decided to wing it. I even added some quilting batting to give it some extra cushioning and padding. I love it and it only took me 2-3 hours!
My inspiration.. found on Pinterest!

Some quilting to wrap up my little Uke!

Looks awesome!